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Natalie Johnson

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Rachel Davids

Hi Natalie. Yes, we are both frustrated at how the Municipality in Paarl is treating disabled people. Sometimes I wish there’s something I can do as a disabled person to help those in need as I am. I’m waiting to hear from you again. I just have that feeling of peace knowing there’s somebody else standing beside me able to assist. Thank you for that. Thank you for not giving up hope yet. Take care of yourself and be blessed.


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Post created by: Lee Haskin – Connors Haven and Resource Centre, Cape Town

Where do small organizations like CHARS get our resources, knowledge and assistance from?

One organization stands as tall when it comes to all of the above –  Western Cape Network on Disability and more directly Natalie Johnson . I cannot even count how many times I had to knock on her door for assistance in different forms.

To think the road Natalie and I walked last year trying to get a member of CHARS admitted to hospital. While both of us was supposed to have been on holiday we worked non-stop on this matter.

In communities like the Cape flats where resources are little to none Natalie is a Godsend for NPO’s out here. I can always say with pride to my Sector Western Cape Network on Disability is an organization you need to follow if you want to stay informed i and your go to person is Natalie.

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie many years back and ever since we had had a good working relationship. where she educated and spread awareness and I can take all that information and go back and educate again. #disabilityadvocate #disabilityinclusion #disabilityrights #disabilityawareness