Tax Deductible Donations to our registered Non-Profit Organisation
Natalie Johnson

Why making a charitable donation to an 18A registered charity (also known as as a Public Benefit organization PBO) is such a win/win, and then consider helping us and give us a fighting chance 💜

Our Government has made significant cuts to our budget in the 2023/2024 Financial Year. Grants have been reduced by R642,2 million and has a shortfall in its wages budget of R1,1 billion in the current Financial Year.

These budget cuts will have an impact on the transfer allocations and the number of NPOs that the Government will be able to fund during the next funding cycle. Government is unable to guarantee continued funding to our Organisation from 1 April 2024.

We are therefore preparing for the possible impact that the budget reductions will have on Operations

and are appealing for your help.

Would you consider donating to our Organisation?

What does Section 18A status mean?

Section 18A enables you, the taxpayer, who has made a donation to your charity to claim a tax deduction up to a certain limit. Donors to any NPO who has PBO status are entitled to deduct the total value of their donations, up to a limit of 10% of your taxable income for that tax year. In order to claim a tax deduction, you must hold a section 18A certificate which will be issued by the NPO to you.

We have PBO status and can issue a Section 18A Certificate.

Terms and conditions to be aware of?

  • The donation must be bona fide, meaning that nothing can be expected to be given in return for the donation
  • The original certificate must be kept in a safe place and made available to SARS if requested.
  • The Section 18A certificate must have the correct details of the taxpayer
  • A taxpayer may not claim both BEE points and a Section 18A tax deduction

How does the Section 18A tax benefit work?

Taxpayers deduct their donations from their taxable income, lowering the total tax due. The reduction depends on your marginal tax rate e.g. If your marginal tax rate is 35%, a donation of R1 000 will result in a reduction of R350 in tax payable.

Please consider supporting our Organisation this year.

Our banking details are as follows:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Pinelands

Branch code: 020-009

Account Number: 272090557 (Current Account)

Account Holder: Western Cape Network on Disability

Your Reference: [Your initials and surname or Organisation/business name]

Please ensure you e-mail Proof of Payment (PoP) to us at: in order for us to send your Section 18A Certificate to you.